Bud Spencer In Mostra Napoli da Settembre a Dicembre

13 Settembre - 8 Dicembre 2019 NAPOLI - PALAZZO REALE - SALA DORICA
Piazza del Plebiscito, 1 | Aperta tutti i giorni dalle ore 10 alle ore 20. Mercoledì chiusa.

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Hello my name is Bud Spencer

It is 1967 when film director Giuseppe Colizzi approaches me with a job offer. Colizzi, an acquaintance of my wife Maria and admirer of the swim champion Carlo Pedersoli needs a specific character, a very strong man, for his next film and offers me the lead role in the Italo-Western “Dio perdona...io no! (God forgives... I don’t!)”. I’m 38 years old and have no interest in becoming an actor, but finally I accept Colizzi’s offer. The production asks me to use an american artistic name, because american names are better for international marketing. I decide to use a combination of my favorite beer brand Budweiser and actor Spencer Tracy:

Bud Spencer is born!
As costar in the movie, Colizzi casts the younger, but in the movie business significantly more experienced Mario Girotti, who also must select a new name and henceforth becomes Terence Hill. I’m not planing to continue my acting career at this time, because the success of Italo-Western movies is declining at the end of the 60’s and therefore I don’t expect any following jobs. But I’m mistaken. The audience likes the new duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and the movie is a great success. So it’s only logical that Terence and I are engaged again by Colizzi for two sequels “I quattro dell'Ave Maria (Ace High)” and “La collina degli stivali (Boot Hill)”. Both films reach a wide international audience.

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